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An eLearning storyboard is a tool that can significantly improve the learning experience design process when used effectively.

Does the idea of creating a storyboard for your e-learning project launch your imposter syndrome into hyperdrive?

I used to feel the same way. That’s why this series was made just for you.

Whatever you do, don’t quit before you’ve even started.

I can hear what you’re saying to yourself:

“I can’t draw!”

”I’m not a graphic designer!”

“My stick figures look like blobs!”

I’ve said the same things to myself.

Storyboarding can be scary.

But ultimately the storyboard is your friend.

The purpose of storyboarding for eLearning is not to expose you as an imposter. One storyboard will not end your ID career. And no one will laugh at your drawings—not here at least.

This 7-part guide will give your storyboarding abilities the confidence boost they deserve. We’ll answer six questions about storyboarding for learning experience design and supply you with 9 simple, actionable tips that you can apply straight away to your next eLearning storyboard.

By the end you’ll be able to answer the following six questions:

  1. What is an eLearning storyboard?
  2. Do I really need an eLearning storyboard?
  3. Who needs to see my eLearning storyboards?
  4. Where should I make my eLearning storyboard?
  5. When should I start storyboarding my E-learning?
  6. How do I make an eLearning storyboard?

When you’re done, you’ll have the self-belief you need to storyboard engaging, effective, and entertaining learning experiences and leave your clients and coworkers clamoring for more.

So silence your imposter alarm, put on your storyboarding hats, and let’s get started.

Question Number 1: What is an eLearning Storyboard?

Further Reading:

The Comprehensive Guide to Storyboarding for Learning Experience Design: Elevate Yourself from Mediocrity to Master. IDOL Courses Academy. April 12, 2022.

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Brian Harris

Brian Harris is the Chief of Design and Development with Brilliant Educational Services. He specializes in producing learning experiences and educational materials that are engaging, entertaining, and effective.