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An eLearning storyboard is a tool to communicate ideas visually. Stay focused on simple, clear communication.

The literal answer to that question is obvious. But the literal answer is often the root cause of apprehension. That’s why we need a refined definition for a storyboard.

What is a storyboard? It’s a tool to communicate.

A storyboard is used to communicate ideas visually.

Learning experience design is, at its core, a process—a process designed to serve the learner. As part of that process, you need to communicate ideas about how a course will appear, function, and interact with the learner.

Communication is often directed to stakeholders, clients, SMEs, eLearning developers, and other IDs on your team.

The more you focus on communicating ideas, the less need there is for concerns about how your drawings look.

Key question: Does my storyboard convey my ideas simply and clearly?

Show your storyboard to an ID friend, mentor, or another member of your professional community and ask for honest feedback.

Ask them to look at the storyboard from the perspective of a client, stakeholder, SME, or eLearning developer. What questions would they have? What do they find confusing? Does the storyboard convey the necessary message to each different audience?

Look for feedback that helps you to refine your message. If someone laughs at your drawings, thank them and move on.

Stay focused on those who want to help you improve your communication and ignore those who don’t.

Remember: A storyboard is a tool to communicate ideas visually. Stay focused on communicating simply and clearly to your intended audience.

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Brian Harris

Brian Harris is the Chief of Design and Development with Brilliant Educational Services. He specializes in producing learning experiences and educational materials that are engaging, entertaining, and effective.