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Test courses in a real LMS before you deliver because Articulate 360 preview or Review 360 may not accurately fully show how the course will perform in an LMS. 

Our Story

Delivering three, hour-long courses to a national client on a tight budget with a tighter schedule was no small task. The client loved everything. Bugs? Terminated. Navigation? Sleek. Narration? Professional. Everything worked perfectly, right until it was loaded into the client LMS.

The email every instructional designer dreads arrived nearly a month after delivery: “the course is stuck on slide X and won’t advance.” 

“Impossible!” We rejoined.

“We tested and debugged it for days!”

“The authoring is flawless!”

After an hour of testing, retesting, uploading to Scorm Cloud, and reprogramming we, humbly, had another tip to share:

Everything goes into an LMS before it goes out the door.

Your programming may be perfect. Your course may play smoothly in Storyline and on Review360. But an LMS gives you the most accurate view of your deliverables in their final form.

Brian Harris

Brian Harris

Brian Harris is the Chief of Design and Development with Brilliant Educational Services, an e-learning design and development company. The company specializes in producing online courses and materials that are engaging, entertaining, and effective.

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